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Who We Are

Through exceptional groups of talented software engineers, domain experts and managers, we have been helping our clients to deliver high performance systems, ultra-low latency, Big Data Analytics innovative solutions that made major impact to the organizations, their customers and increased values.

With its headquarters in Chicago area and global offices, for over 20 years CTI has been providing reliable, trusted solutions to Fortune mid- and large-sized companies.

We have helped our clients gain a competitive advantage by using technologies to make their businesses more responsive to market opportunities and threats, strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, improve productivity and to reduce information technology costs all of our services are offered both on and offshore, and are delivered with pride and passion.


Why CTI?

How you can benefit by leveraging CTI:
  • Deep domain expertise and process knowledge:  Our seasoned IT professionals have extensive experience addressing real industry challenges. Our integration teams are complemented by our management consultants to tailor business solutions that deliver sustainable improvements in business processes and enterprise performance.

  • Reduced risk:  Projects are managed with a combination of resources and backed by methods, tools and assets that have continued to provide our clients with proven results. Our technology, experience and understanding of your business challenges can help reduce the risks involved in developing and integrating new technologies.

  • Lower cost of development and ownership:  Our unique advanced on-site and offshore operations deliver models that can help you respond more efficiently to new business mandates while improving your ability to develop systems at a lower total cost.


A firm you can trust.

We respect and fully understand our clients intellectual property rights, especially when entrusted with their business systems development, security of their data, ideas, logic, source code and IPR. Hence, we take all of the required steps to ensure that we provide both legal and technical protection. CTI has invested and developed strict security policies and procedures to protect the client’s intellectual property and confidential information.


CTI's security systems are compliant with BS7799/ISO 27001. We have also successfully passed on-site security audits by all of our clients.


Our security frameworks include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Security management

  • IP training & violation policy

  • Security assets and procedures

  • Data Protection

  • Employment NDA and data access protection

  • Systems development security testing


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