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Quality Assurance  & Testing Automation

The Quality Assurance Quandary

With the ever increasing pace of I.T. systems delivery and the need to respond to rapidly-changing requirements, Testing and QA are more critical than ever before. However traditional manual QA testing is typically fraught with problems:

  • Testing is typically one of the largest components of time and effort in an I.T. project, resulting in excessive costs.

  • Due to human fallibility, manual testing is inaccurate. Defects can be missed, particularly when tests are performed under the pressure of time constraints.

  • QA testers suffer from burnout as a result of repeating tests through multiple test cycles, resulting in reduced quality, poor morale and high staff turnover

Why Automated Testing?

Test automation seeks to remedy the above problems, significantly reducing time to market for I.T. projects, delivering a higher quality end product and improving your organization’s bottom line. The following are some of the ways in which test automation can provide these benefits:

  • Reduce testing time by automating tasks, particularly when repetitive regression testing is required

  • Improve accuracy of test results by eliminating human error.

  • Generate quantitative reports summarizing statistics and trends from testing over time

  • Provide traceability between code deployment and test results, identifying the source of defects

  • Free up valuable human resources for more productive work.

CTI Automated Test Service Offerings

To deliver comprehensive and automated testing capabilities that meet diverse needs of your company, CTI provides the following offerings for the QA automation:

  • Expertise with several open source and proprietary Automated Testing Frameworks including Selenium HQ and QTP

  • Enhancements to the Selenium open source framework, providing enhanced modularization of test suites, a user interface for submitting and monitoring tests, and enhanced test reports

  • Continuous integration of progressive test cases and automation test

  • Automation Across Apps Layers – end-to-end automation, across UI, middleware and backend database systems

Impact to your Organization

We are confident that CTI’s automated testing expertise can help your organization in multiple ways:

  • Reduce Time to market

  • Improve Software Quality

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Improve your bottom line!

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