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Regulatory Systems Overhaul


A Financial Securities Trading Exchange depends on fast technology and sophisticated algorithms in order to maintain a competitive advantage and best service its customers. A major exchange hired CTI to significantly overhaul its regulatory applications and deliver the best possible service to its traders and customers


The client needed to re-design their regulatory applications in order to provide enhanced precision and speed in detecting market manipulation and abuse.


CTI rebuilt the client’s regulatory batch applications and worked with users to clarify regulatory rules and implement code to more precisely identify violations in trading activity. Examples of regulatory surveillances enhanced by CTI include: Front Running; Position Limits Violations; Oder Spoofing and Market Maker Quoting Obligations.


CTI’s enhancements helped the client reduce the turnaround time in which abuses were reported to regulatory users, thus enhancing the integrity of the exchange. In addition to increased accuracy, the performance of the batch applications was improved significantly. CTI also helped to re-design the regulatory platform’s user interfaces, allowing users to more easily interpret regulatory violations.

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