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Systems Development & Package Integration

The Systems Development & Package Integration solutions that we implement for our clients are based on CTI’s TruMethod™ methodology. This enables us to retain reusable best practice components that make for speedier execution of your project.


In addition, our Systems Development & Package Integration Solutions consultants possess extensive knowledge in specific software applications, business processes and industry verticals. Our consultants have gained this capability through implementing successful solutions with the desire to be the absolute best in the marketplace. Our network of talent brings you solutions that have been trusted by clients nationwide.

Global Delivery Solutions

Today, people are one of the most critical part of enterprise business operations, with experienced and skilled IT resources are in high demand and short supply, especially for those have experienced in Big Data, high frequency, ultra-low latency, web, digital, mobile apps development and automation testing, many companies in major cities facing difficulties of hiring the best talented Information technology professionals and they compete for top talents while companies want to remain competitive and IT departments have to focus on improving returns on IT investments, lowering costs and accelerating the delivery of new systems and solutions.

Global Delivery

Understand these challenges CTI established as a global solution provider that connects people, technology, quality, and security to support its clients seamlessly, at the same time with strong roots in the respective local market. CTI offers its clients the best of both worlds by blending onsite, and offshore resources as well as locations into a smooth global delivery model. With our extensive network of onsite, offshore resources and experience, we at CTI can cut across geographical boundaries to access the right resources, at the right cost, and in the right location. 

To solve some of the high demand skills and in short supply, our clients can access to our dedicated offshore software engineers who can work directly with clients’ personnel and blended in as part of the project team. Clients would have never loss of control.

Our satisfied clients can testify to our track record of success and our high level of professionalism.

Our consultants have been providing project management and technical services ranging from focused problem-solving and lifecycle implementation to offsite migrations and upgrades in our state of the art upgrade lab. 


Effectively access to skilled resources

Reduce development and testing costs

Much better ROI

Accelerate the development and QA efforts


Systems Development

Information technology is becoming the key enabler of business transformation.


From optimizing operations and enhancing performance to improving customer service and increasing competitive advantage, leading organizations are discovering how the transformation of business processes and the application of emerging technologies can advance their business goals.


To take advantage of this trend, organizations must define the strategies and evaluate, design, develop and implement the systems and processes that best solve their business challenges.


CTI’s Systems Integration Solutions can help balance increasing technology complexity and decrease the time given to deliver results. By starting with a strategic view of your IT systems and architecture, our consultants can identify opportunities to put your organization on a path toward better alignment with your enterprise strategy and critical business processes.

Systems Development
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