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Automated UI Testing


The client undertook a 3-year project to replace their existing trading system with an enhanced system using AngularJS on the front-end. The trading system is considered a mission critical application, with minimal tolerance for defects. Testing of the upgrade needed to be completed within a tight schedule.


To ensure a successful launch, several key components were required, including:

  • Daily automated tests

  • Test suites as part of a continuous integration tool

  • Enhanced user interface where test suites could be launched


An existing open source java-based testing tool was selected and implemented by CTI. This tool provides a large library of commands for executing browser based web-tests, but does not include a user interface. As a result, CTI developed an enhanced framework on top of the core platform. Additionally, CTI created a suite of tests to run on the framework to test the application.



​The new framework and test suites enabled the client to execute daily regression tests. The team found many bugs in the application under test which had previously gone unnoticed. Using the test dashboard and custom reports, the client was able to easily view test documentation, monitor test execution and analyze test results. With the tool, the client was able complete the trading system upgrade while surpassing previously set Quality Assurance metrics goals. As a result of the success of the implementation of CTI's testing framework, the client subsequently decided to expand use of the testing tool throughout the organization.

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